The world of crypto is in a constant state of change and evolution as new technologies develop, and new regulations arise. In the last years, we have seen how crypto went from being something unknown to the broad public to something that could actually change how we think about money and finances. Dubai is positioning itself to be the world’s best crypto hub.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is one of the newest major cities in the world, with barely over 50 years of age. It was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo and with the will to reach new horizons in every aspect: quality of life, business, entertainment, and technology.
With the rise in interest in the blockchain and its possibilities, Dubai wants to keep the trend that the city has been having for the last half-century and lead the expansion in the field.

Benefits of Dubai for the crypto industry

There are many benefits to having a Dubai-based company, but one of the main ones is that Dubai is 100% tax-free. If you trade with cryptocurrencies, you get to keep all your profits, as here we have 0% capital gains, personal income, or profit tax. Not only that but in this country, everyone is welcomed. This means that it does not matter where you are from, by establishing a company here, you can get a resident visa and be totally free to travel and live here. This also applies to employees, so it’s an added benefit if you want to import talent from other countries that may have a hard time getting working visas for Europe or US.

Use your crypto to buy property

If you are planning to relocate here, or invest, it is already possible to buy property using Bitcoin and Ethereum, amongst other major cryptocurrencies, to buy real estate in Dubai from many different companies, including EMAAR, the most prominent developer in the country. Not only that, but already many shops around the city are accepting cryptocurrencies as the standard payment method.

Bottom line

Dubai is the best place to be a crypto entrepreneur in the whole world. Not only you will experience a quality of life like in no other place, you will also have the freedom to enjoy your profits and create expansion in your finances. If you wish to reach true financial freedom, getting established in a place that supports that is key.

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