Dubai is the most known emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It has become known for its enormous buildings, magnificent designs, and lush lifestyle. But there is another side of Dubai that is less known or understood. And that is the business aspect of Dubai. But is it possible to grow your income in Dubai? Can you actually elevate your income potential in Dubai? And if so, how? I believe that I have found the answer to these questions, and I will reveal it to you.


Being a consultant and having helped thousands of people open a business in Dubai I have observed that those companies which have relocated to Dubai and started servicing their markets from Dubai have all (that is 100% of them) reported a massive increase in revenue. I started to wonder why that was happening. They did not invest more in marketing, they did not hire more people, and yet the income multiplied. That was the reason I started to examine this phenomenon.

How did they increase their revenue?
What was happening there?


I am an economist and I have studied at the best universities around the globe. For me, everything has to have a rational reason. So I was trying to find a materialistic reason… I was searching and searching… looking for similarities and actions… yet there was ONLY ONE similarity.

All of the owners of the relocated companies had shifted their mindsets. Suddenly they were no longer a local company but became an INTERNATIONAL company, and with that new mindset, they were able to operate on a brand new level. A level that was previously unimaginable for them. A level that couldn’t have been achieved while staying within the comfort zone.

This was a real revelation. I would have never thought that the mindset was responsible for the success and sudden increase in income of these people.


But the test of any idea is its workability, so I had to test my hypothesis. I started to observe and note each action of the newcomers. I interviewed them seeking any changes in their behaviors, and investment strategies. The results were fascinating: in all cases they mentioned that they started to operate on a more global level and thus, they reached a lot more people, and therefore, their income has significantly increased.

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Ever since I made this discovery, my mission became to help businesses owners break the shackles of their mindsets and the suppression of taxes and administrative burdens, so that they can become international and multiply their profits and income.
And Dubai is the best place to do it.

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